Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ah, the penny drops.....

So finally one of Textusa's minions goes and actually looks in the files. Well done that minion. It's also quite clear that Textusa was completely unaware of this reference

So - let's explain

John Lowe's report, file reference PDF ref: 02-volumeII-apensoI-pages18-43
Contains the following information:

''On 12 October 2007, the Forensic Science Service(R) received a blood spot in a cardboard frame (object JRB/1) from Leicestershire Constabulary. That object was inside a sealed package.''

That description is consistent with a Guthrie card, used to collect heel prick blood samples from new borns. In the absence of any suggestion that Madeleine was tested again for Metabolic or genetic disorders at a later point, which would be the only plausible reason for the presence of a second Guthrie card, this can be understood to be the sample taken at birth

The report later refers to the sample again
''Reference sample of blood

JRB/1 Madeleine McCann 
From this sample was obtained a DNA reference sample that was different from those of her immediate family, described above. This DNA profile was the same as that obtained from possible spots of saliva existing on the pillowcase (SJM/1)

The pillowcase sample SJM/1 is the pillowcase collected from the house in Rothley

This therefore confirmed that the DNA profile recovered from the pillowcase, when compared to a known sample of Madeleine's blood, was a match.

( In the UK, once Guthrie cards used for new born screening have been processed they remain the property of the health authority under which the testing was conducted, rather than remaining with the patient's records. As such, it can take some time to recover the card relating to a named individual. This may explain why it was several months before this was available to the police)

Now - what was to stop you doing your research, Textusa?

There is no substitute for actually reading the files. Not just cherrypicking the bits you think might be interesting. Still, heaven forbid anything should interfere with your conspiralooning. 

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